man in praise

For some stupid reason, last night, I accidentally formatted my memory card from my digital camera.  This is upsetting in most situations but this also happened to contain a wedding job I just photographed.  I FREAKED out.  I begged and prayed, I ran in little circles in my room and chanted in expletives.  Then I went into damage control mode and scoured the internet for data recovery software.  I stumbled upon Stellar Phoenix, a Mac data recovery software.  I didn’t care how much it cost (not too much) so I entered in my credit card details and downloaded it.  Watching the progress bar with super human intent, I observed the software slowly extract what hopefully was useful data.  I was impressed that it had a function that only looked for media files and categorised them.  My photos were saved!

I know that there could be many reading this now thinking, “ha, I know where to find a free version”, or “he could have just done…” but in the dark of night where disaster strikes, one just has to find a solution and I feel I survived my first memory card disaster reasonably well.   I didn’t sleep much that night but I slept, amazed that in a space of three hours I despaired, battled, fought and conquered without anyone in the world knowing of this epic war with my memory card.  Well, unless you read this.

Could this be an allegory for a more spiritual message that you might have expected to read?  You decide.


4 thoughts on “Saved

  1. I’ve had a number of these experiences, I hardly ever learn – though my extra-important uni stuff is now backed up thrice.

    I reckon those data recovery software people make the majority of their money from those crazy in the heat of the night accidental formats.

    ps. nice to see you blogging

  2. LOL very nicely written. So true, nothing is really the same as the feeling of all the blood draining from your body as you threat about recently loosing something really really important – due to your own absent mindedness. At least all’s well that ends well.

  3. I can really identify with that blood draining out feeling. Not something I would like to go through again in the near future.

  4. Nikon must know how you feel too, that’s why on their D3X they have a slot for 2 CF cards which you can set to mirror each other. Of course, you could always accidently format them both :S

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