A power that’s collaborative

Sometimes we think the only place we can find spiritual revelation is in the Church (though we certainly can), however, sometimes it’s good to be aware that truth can be truth no matter where it is found.  Here is an insightful commentary I found in an article from The Age newspaper.  The article begins with questioning the Americans’ search for a saviour in Obama, highlighting our fluctuations between hope and cynicism and challenging our notion of what it it means to be saved.  Read on…

Even if we don’t believe in a God, at moments of deepest hardship and despair we often find ourselves praying to one in the desperate hope we just might be wrong. “Save us from the time of trial,” says a line in the Lord’s Prayer, recited by Christians every week. Rescue us from the lives we live.

It’s a distortion of Christianity and the other major religions to say that this is what’s at the heart of faith. But many Christians base their faith on a belief that Jesus will come again, in power and glory next time, taking all before him.

This is the time of year when Christians celebrate the birth of the one they believe is the Messiah. At the heart of the story of Jesus’ birth is the tension that defies the logic of our human instinct. Where we look for Messiahs who are all-powerful and removed from our grubby realities, the story of Christ’s birth is anything but that. It’s dependent on human participation, and embedded within the least presentable parts of our lives and communities.

When we look at Jesus — God with flesh and bones — our understanding of a Messiah is redefined. It’s based only and always in love and justice; a power that’s collaborative, not coercive; one that doesn’t demand authority but instead speaks truth to it. The story of Jesus’ birth is not about being rescued from the world, but being taken right into its most fragile and godforsaken places.”

To reach out for a saviour is one of our most natural instincts.  However, I think it is important to consider and appreciate how it is that we are being saved.  It is time we let go of the notion that God is about a cosmic way to attain a comfortable and trouble free life.  God’s love will take us to unpleasant places because to avoid it is to condemn us to an existence of spiritual and emotional infancy.  This may be a harsh reality but in this reality, God is with us.


One thought on “A power that’s collaborative

  1. Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I love the layout and the contents.

    Great article there. Thankfully, Christianity is all about Almighty God reaching out to save us rather than the other way around. :)

    Have a blessed Christmas…

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