That’s not my name


What is in a name?  I’ve never held much value in destiny, especially in the idea of namesakes.  To call your child Rex is not going to pave his way to being a king (or a dog).  In this article from The Age titled, Bad Boy Names, it details that boys being given unusual or feminine names were more likely to grow up as law offenders; perhaps from being teased or treated differently.  A strange concept that has some merit when investigated.  As Seinfeld observed, naming your child Jeeves would be condemning him to a life of butler-hood.  In the book of Genesis, it was said that God brought his creations to Adam to see what he would name them…  God was interested in what man would name his creation. What is the significance of such an act?

I have read that God did this to illustrate man’s mastery over creation.  As a parent names their child, so man was given the task to name creation.  A child’s name is given, often with the ideas and aspirations that their names carry.  People comment on how a name is strong or beautiful.  Perhaps the child is named after someone they admired or loved, in the hope that the child would grow up with their similar character.  Adam was given the task to name the living creatures, and in this act, man was not only made distinct from the rest of creation, but an integral part in its destiny and future.  Part of our struggle with existing in harmony with our world, as we pollute and destroy our environment, drive species to extinction, may stem from the idea that this stuff isn’t really ours; that it is someone else’s problem.  It is a worthy reminder that the bible’s description of man’s first act, was to give creation its name, and with it, our hopes for it.


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