Copyright Watermark in Lightroom

This is for anyone wanting to place a copyright watermark on their photos in Adobe Lightroom.  I had so much trouble working this out that I decided to post a mini tutorial on how to do this.   I searched for ages online and everyone had only part answers or poor answers.  I am using a Mac so this may not help Windows users.  I’m using Lightroom 1.4 but I’m sure it works for verson 2 as well.  So here goes…

Step 1: Go to the Library section of Lightroom and locate the Metadata on the bottom of the right panel.  Type in your copyright details (eg. ©2009 John Smith).  You can insert a copyright symbol by pressing “alt – g”.


Step 2: Export your photo.  In your Export window tick the checkbox to add a copyright watermark to your photo.  Then, export.


I sincerely hope this helps as it was quite a painful experience for me.  To everyone who thought this was easy, well, you could have posted better instructions!  Below is one of my photos with a watermark created this way.


Update:  A really obvious way to insert a copyright symbol “©” for any type of operating system is to find one online/on a document and copy and paste it.  I can’t believe I never thought of that before!

Update 2:  A few people have remarked that they could not see the watermark or that it was too small.  This is because you need to resize the image to a smaller web display size.  The reason for this is that most people watermark for web publishing and not for full size prints.  I normally resize my images to around 825×550 pixels for web display.


16 thoughts on “Copyright Watermark in Lightroom

  1. My pleasure, it was so frustrating finding a good tutorial on this topic. Hope you found this helpful.

  2. This watermark occurs when you export your photographs, so you simply select which photographs you want to export and the watermark should be added to all the chosen images.

  3. Thank You for taking the time, I have been baffled for some time, why had this been overlooked by so many. What I am seeking is to know how to add copyright watermark to webpage images for when clients are viewing. We can generate them onto each image when creating pdf’s in lightroom WHY NOT webpages? Any ideas ?

  4. Just answered the above for myself works in the same way by ticking the copyright watermark box when creating webpage. Only wish we had the option of where the watermark is placed ie. across image and not in lower corner. better than nothing at all though … so thanks !

  5. Yeah, worked out that one myself recently. Hopefully Lightroom 3 will address some of these needs and perhaps make it even easier!

  6. This tutorial is for output of websized images. I once exported my image at full size and realised that my watermark was so tiny, it was invisible unless I was at 100% view. This may be the only reason I can think of. Otherwise, it should work. Hope that is helpful.

  7. Finally I found someone who knows how to watermark in Lightroom! Thank you!!! Only problem now, is that it’s so tiny it can’t be read. Any idea how to change the font size?

  8. If I had read the post before mine, I would’ve known the answer! I re-sized the photo, and it shows up fine now! Thanks!!

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