Bagged the Wanderer

Here is the artwork that I painted for the Masterpiece in a Day competition, held at Monash Gallery of Art.  Click on the artwork to see a larger version.

The main reason this painting was done on a paper bag was because I was feeling a little nervous about starting a large painting and began by sketching on the information bag that the gallery gave me.  I never made it to the large painting.

This image was a combination of a scene from gallery grounds and a figure in a photograph, by Polixeni Papetrou, titled “The Wanderer”, on exhibition at the gallery.

This artwork follows a string of artworks relating to The Wanderer.  From David Casper Friedrich’s “The Wanderer above the Sea of Fog”, to Papapetrou’s “The Wanderer”, this lone figure has turned up in some strange places and have taken many forms.  This also  includes Loretta Lux’s “The Wanderer” and U2’s The Wanderer sung by Johnny Cash.

Who knows where the Wanderer will turn up next, or what they will find?

Thanks to the Gallery who voted this as first prize and to the supportive public who voted this for the People’s Choice award.


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