Christian Graphics

This is an artwork I created for an Easter exhibition held recently.  I’ll leave it to you to guess which station of the Easter story this represents.

I’ve been pretty inspired by “new-retro” graphics for this piece, as the designers are seeking succinct but inventive ways to communicate things we find familiar.  Similarly, the more complex the message I’m  challenged to communicate, the more minimal my work seems to become.

The account of Jesus’ crucifixion is always highly emotive and difficult to convey without familiar sentimentality.  At times, this powerful moment in history can loose it’s impact because of this.  I hope you might find a fresh idea in this piece and forgive my cheekiness.

May you find this Easter a little unfamiliar.


One thought on “Christian Graphics

  1. Wow Jason,

    This is a two punch sequence. First the colour drew me in. Followed by the sharp revelation of its meaning.

    Thank you for sharing.

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