Make your own Stormtrooper helmet

Make your own Stormtrooper helmet:

One white bin, electrical tape, black paper, double sided sticky tape, sheer determination.

I made this helmet for a school event.  I had a student that said that he could lend me his costume but at the last minute realised that he no longer had it.  In a mad panic I had to create my own.  I stumbled upon a little white rubbish bin near my office and it looked kinda head size.  The rest was pure inspiration.  I think I like this more than if someone had given me one.  It now sits in pride of place in my lounge room.

Hope you like it.

18 thoughts on “Make your own Stormtrooper helmet

  1. Wow, what a great design… is it all Sharpie? I wonder how you see out of it, but really, it looks so cool you could just stand still and bask in the adulation

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  3. I thought the design worked so well that I couldn’t bring myself to cut holes in it. Posing for photos was most difficult as I couldn’t tell when the picture had been taken. I regret nothing :)

  4. Fantastic! And if you can’t see you’re more likely to bang your head on a sliding door like that Storm Trooper did…

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