How to: Scooby-Doo costume

Last year, I posted some photos of my Stormtrooper costume I had to make for a school program where I work.  It was quite a hit, being reposted by various sites around the world.  I even saw it on television that same week as a program reviewed a particular website.  I was astounded by the response but not surprised given the internet’s obsession with Star Wars geek tributes.

This year I was given a rather less inspired character for our end of year program… Scooby Doo.  I loved the cartoons but I had no idea how I was going to dress up as this rather distinct dog.  I printed out a mask to wear but couldn’t bear the shame of such a shabby effort.  In the final moments I grabbed a few pieces of coloured cardboard and proceeded to assemble it around a little pink hat I found in one of the storerooms.  This is the result…

I doubt this will have the same viral response as my Stormtrooper costume but I thought I’d post it up as my search for Scooby-Doo costumes yielded rather scarce results.  I realise this is not a full costume but it was more than sufficient to create an impact.  It’s not great under close inspection but the primary children seemed excited enough as they screamed “Scooby!” as I walked past them. Happy dress-ups to you!


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