Theory of Realitivity

The Christian Bible can be wielded many ways by those purporting to be followers and preachers of its message.  Many aim to rock their audiences out of a lifestyle of indifference by turning scripture into a weapon of control and confrontation through definitive interpretations and simplistic summaries of God’s plan for man, while others uphold it as a lost template for living a safe and pleasant life.  Both approaches create an anti intellectual environment where people can feel safe within their constructed subculture and those who don’t agree can stay the hell out.

While reading a review on Amazon about a book by Eugene Peterson, I came across this summary…

“You need to love the Bible, for one thing. I don’t mean love the Bible sentimentally. You need to be one who is willing to embrace the Bible for exactly what it is as it defines itself. It is not a promise book or a guide to “effective” living. Nor is it a book on how to keep out of hell. It is rather an immensely frank compilation of writings that point out God’s presence in human history as a whole and God’s presence in each person’s life. It becomes God’s word to us by virtue of its insistence upon God’s “take” on reality at all points.”

Wish I wrote that.